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Pristine nature, picturesque boutique villages, green hills slopes and steep meadows, exquisite culinary delicacies made of local produce and long-lasting tradition of viticulture make up a perfect tourist experience in Haloze.
A romantic walkabout around the Haloze hills
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Embark on a romantic journey, let yourself be pampered and experience a day in contact with nature.
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From the Basilica in Ptujska gora to the Strmol Mansion
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A day spent in the heart of history and culture. Get to know the Haloze with gibanica and tea.
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Taste Haloze
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Taste a day of greenery in nature, home cooking and viticulture in the environment of Haloz.
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Following the footsteps of the Rogaška gentry
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Climb to the top of the mountain and spend the day like a gentleman. New adventure awaits you.
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Picnic all year round
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Step away from the everyday hustle between the Haloz hills and breathe in the fresh air.
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Taste Haloze

  • Traditional delicacies

    Haloze is the place where you will learn the true meaning of the word hospitality. Cheerful locals will serve before you traditional delicacies – flat cake, haloška gibanica (layer cake), haloški ftič (roast tur-key), various soups and žganci.
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  • A boutique land of flavors

    Embark on a gastronomic quest and taste the typical local delicacies, such as the “ocvirkovka” flat cake with cracklings, the “haloška bunka” dried meat product, buckwheat porridge and the “haloška gibanica” layer cake. Haloze is also a wine-growing region with a long tradition deriving from the rich history and settlement of the Celts in these parts. The most prominent wine varieties Furmint, Welschriesling and Sauvignon will in-trigue even most demanding of wine lovers.

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The vivid colours of all seasons of the year offer enchanting vistas, while sunrises and sunsets cover the sky with an amazing colour palette and create lingering memories of a primal feeling. This land of many hills offers genuine contact with nature and will leave you with memorable impressions.
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Practical information

The land of many hills offers a unique and boutique tourist experience.


All routes lead to Haloze, which are easily accessible on your route from major cities such as. the famous A1 motorway.
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For all information we are available via e-mail or in the future at the TIC point of Ptujska gora.
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Gostoljubnost je beseda, katere pravi pomen boste spoznali v Halozah. Tako, da so odpiralni časi prilagojeni vam.
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Visit Haloze is committed to complying with regulations to limit and prevent infections.
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The National Geographic notes what is true for Slovenians: “The culinary philosophy ‘from the gar-den to the plate’ is embedded in Slovenians, which is why Slovenia is a perfect destination for all those passionate about food and wine.”

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The operation is carried out under the CLLD program at the LAS Haloze. The operation is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia. More information on the European Structural and Investment Funds can be found at: www.eu-skladi.si
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