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Haloze is famous for its unspoiled nature, traditional delicacies and fine wine. While wandering about colorful Haloze hills, you can fill up your picnic basket with local delicacies at local farms. At a marvelous lookout spot Gorce in Podlehnik, you can enjoy all the delicacies in the basket and taste excellent local wine next to the progeny of the oldest vine in the world and amidst vineyards that yielded the oldest wine – Zlata trta or the Golden vine – in Slovenia. In autumn and winter, you can order a basket of delicacies to be delivered to your home. Well refreshed, you can then see the Baroque-style Church of St. Barbara, the Museum of Viticulture and the Ethnographic Museum, the educational path, the Baroque-style Church of the Holy Trinity and do some recreation at the picturesque Deženski ribnik fish pond, which you may optionally complement with a culinary experience.

Experience program

7.00 – 9.00 At the Arnečič Farm in the settlement of Cirkulane, you will be captivated by the smell of freshly baked bread in a wood-fired oven. Traditional baking of hand-made bread in a traditional rustic wood-burning oven.

7.30 – 9.30 The Bedrač Farm in Cirkulane offers homemade young cheese called Čriček (Cricket). They offer semi-hard and hard cheeses made of goat milk, cheese flavored with chili, pepper, and chives, cheese spreads, cottage cheese, and a variety of yogurts.

The Blanka Bakery boasts a 3-decade-long tradition of bread baking in a wood-fired oven, the “haloška gibanica” layer cake, and other delicacies. Your basket will be filled with homemade butter biscuits.

8.00 – 10.00 The Cestnik Vaupotič Farm has prepared half of a homemade salami for you. You can choose from a deer, chamois, and pork salami. You will also receive a liter of homemade grape juice for your picnic basket.

10.00 – 12.00 It is picnic time at the lookout spot Gorce in Podlehnik, amidst vineyards that yielded the oldest wine in Slovenia called Zlata trta and next to the progeny of the oldest Modra kavčina vine in the world growing in Lent, Maribor. You will be served genuine Haloze table wine (0,5l) and mineral water (0,5l). Beer lovers can taste a pint of Haloški posebnež (beer). We wish you Bon appetite!

At the Museum of Viticulture in Gorca, you can see viticulture items, household utensils, artisan tools and home furniture showing life and work in the Haloze region as it once were. Additional tickets are available against a surcharge. You can also explore the educational path next to the Museum of Viticulture. We also recommend a visit to the Baroque-style Church of St. Barbara (tilted belfry, the crypt of priests and Sauri Counts, the owners of the famous Borl Castle) and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

12.30 – 14.30 The Dežno fish pond near Podlehnik offers a place for recreational activities. There is a walkway around the fish pond ideal for cycling and jogging, and a football/basketball pitch. It is also possible to go sport fishing against a €10 surcharge for the permit (with own fishing equipment). The guesthouse next to the fish pond serves top gastronomic delights so that you can compliment you daily activities with lunch or dinner.

Cuisine next to the Dežno fish pond: Lunch or dinner: 2 x fish fillet (30dag) with salted cooked potatoes and garlic and parsley sauce. €16.50 per person
The guesthouse along the fish pond also offers rooms and suites and two parking lots for mobile homes (“Ob ribniku” and “Bee Happy Gabrovec”). Lunch is served from Friday to including Sunday during working hours (from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.). The guesthouse is open from 1 April to 31 October 2021.

Individual or group guide 1-hour guide 15 €. Full day guide € 100


Take a picnic basket for a view in spring and summer, a basket of local delicacies in autumn and a basket of fine local winter preserves in winter.

**The price includes: 1800g of a rye-mix loaf, 250g of young Čriček cheese, 1⁄2 of a homemade cured sausage of your choice, 180g of homemade butter biscuits, 1l of apple juice, 1⁄2l of Haloze table wine and 1⁄2l of mineral water, a bottle of the Haloški posebnež beer (0.33l), one ticket to see the Museum of Viticulture.



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