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Following the footsteps of the Rogaška gentry

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Description of the experience

Experience the life of noblemen and peasants. Start your journey refreshed with a delicious organic breakfast at an open farm. For happiness, ring the bells in the Church of Our Lady of Consolation and create your own symphony of three church bells. Then take a ride to Rudijev dom standing at the foot of Donačka gora and hike through the pristine beech rainforest to the top of the so-called “Triglav of the Štajerska Region”. By visiting the largest Slovenian Open-Air Museum in Rogatec, you will learn about life in the 19th century in these parts. A visit to the Strmol Mansion in Rogatec will present stories about noblemen once residing in the area. After a morning of hiking, you can have a delicious lunch at the renowned Jutriša Guesthouse, where you will gather up some strength for new adventures. The tasting of bee products upon the presentation of beekeeping will replace the dessert after lunch. The multitude of experiences, such as horseback riding, paragliding, fishing, electric cycling, and artisan workshops, cannot be done in a single day, which is why you are recommended to spend the night at the “place of the Rogaška gentry”.

Experience program

7.00 – 9.00 Organic breakfast at the Kodrič Open Farm in the Municipality of Žetale. You are recommended to explore the circular trail past the Žetale cultural heritage (Vuk’s homestead, Pušnik’s homestead, archaeological site dating back to 1000 years BC).

7 .00 – 9.00 Create your own symphony and ring the bells of the Church of Our Lady of Consolation for luck. The Church was built by order of the Rogaška gentry – the Eggenberg family. Park your car near the Žetale Primary School and take the short forest path (some 700 metres), listening to the bird signing before you reach the Church.

7 .00 – 11.00 Take a ride to the Rudijev dom mountain lodge at the foot of Donačka gora. Hike through the beech rainforest to the top of the so-called Triglav of the Štajerska Region (884m), drink a cup of coffee at Rudijev dom or merely admire the panorama from a point from which skydiving lovers fearlessly run to descend to the Rogatec valley (a 45-minute hike from the mountain lodge, which is open from 1 May to 31 October).

10.00 – 18.00 Swinging under a linden canopy at the Open-Air Museum in Rogatec along with a tour of the Museum, a stroll past the herb garden to the lookout spot and a tour of the Strmol Mansion, which was once owned by the Rogaška gentry (the stroll along the walkway will take 5 minutes from the Museum to the Mansion)

12.00 – 17.00 A lunch at the renowned Jutriša Guesthouse with the owner of the Strmol Mansion Restaurant (seasonal meat or vegetarian menu: soup, main course with a side dish, salad).

16.00 – 18.00 Presentation of beekeeping at the Pavlovič Farm, the tasting of bee products, a tour of old beehive systems, seeing bees in glass beehives and a pavilion featuring beekeeping equipment, a tour of the garden with 150 various honey plants and, in conclusion, a shot of honey liqueur or honey juice and 2 slices of honey pie. Every visitor receives a gift.

Spend the night at the Rogatec parking lot for mobile homes or at the new and modern Pubyland offering rooms and suites in the very town center, at the Jutriša Boarding House, at the mountain lodge at the foot of Donačka gora, at the Kunstek Tourist Farm or in a cottage/farmhouse below Donačka Gora.

Rogatec offers:

  • learning to ride a horse at the Equestrian Centre,
  • seven horseback riding trails for experienced riders,
  • a parachute descent on your own or in tandem from the foot of Donačka gora,
  • blowing your own glass or baking your own “Žulika” (a bun) and creating things at organised workshops in the Strmol Mansion or Open-Air Museum,
  • the presentation of the rich historical background of the medieval market town and sacred monuments and churches,
  • hiking trails and sideways amidst intact nature, cycling with electric bikes,
  • children may get some recreation in nature along the Sensual Path, jogging trail, or do some fishing with parents at the Žabnik fish pond.

Individual or group guided tour 1 h guided tour 15 €. Full day guide € 100


Experience the life of noblemen and peasants.

** The price includes: 1x organic breakfast, a tour of the Church of Our Lady of Consolation, a tour of the Open-Air Museum and the Strmol Mansion in Rogatec and a glass (2dl) of homemade mint juice, 1x lunch, the tasting of bee products (1x honey liqueur 0.3dl or honey juice 2dl and 2 slices of honey pie, a gift).



V košarico

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